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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the martial art that has been proven to be the most effective in a real life combat situation.

Many other martial arts are effective against an untrained aggressor, but Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been tested and prevailed versus other trained martial artists as well as untrained fighters. The reasons for starting jiu jitsu are plentiful. The physical conditioning you get can help with weight loss and muscle building. The mental activity involved helps with problem solving and increased creativity. The social aspect gives you friends from all walks of life who can become lifelong friends outside of just training together. The discipline it gives helps meet deadlines and accomplish goals in a systematic and timely manner. And it is fun! Why do something that you choose to do if it is not fun?

Go read about the testimonies that people at Fluid are saying. Weight loss. Gaining friends. Getting flexible. Being in the best shape of their life. Learning to navigate difficult situations in real life because of what they experience while training. The amount of classes and the content of those classes are amazing! The nature of jiu jitsu helps build trust between teammates.

People make the drive to Fluid from Kenosha to Sussex to train with us. The culture of the academy makes all the difference. You may have a gym near you but it may not be the best fit for your goals or personality. There are three types of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academies. The first is business minded. They are a revolving door of new members with few who stick around long term. These usually have only long term contracts and are stringent about how many classes you have to or may attend. The second is the team orientated academy. The team is the central core of the academy. It is full of talented and dedicated practitioners and after that core is established it is difficult to break into. Often newcomers are put into new person classes only and only if one shows promise are they then moved to be able to train with the core team. The third type is the family focused academy. This gym has a more laid back and enjoyable atmosphere where new people are typically welcomed as if they have been training there as long as everyone else. Kids are typically welcome and many couples train together at these gyms. Each academy has it’s pros and cons and only you as an individual can decide if one gym type works better for your life than another.

Are you interested in starting a martial art or MMA? Do you know where the nearest jiu jitsu academy is to where you live? What is preventing you from getting started? We can help you with a free trial class and all you need to bring is yourself. Contact Fluid Jiu Jitsu in Greenfield Wisconsin at fluidjiujitsu@gmail.com today and see how this can be the beginning of the best part of your life through martial arts. We have students from 4 years old to 75 years old.

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