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Laura Kiskunas – Martial Arts/Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Laura has been training in martial arts since 2007. She holds the rank of 1st degree black belt in Jidokwan Taekwondo/GojuRyu Karate from Master Trent Norrell (Warhawk Martial Arts) and the rank of blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Brenton Fitzgerald (Fluid). Combined, she has over 12 years of experience training and teaching in striking, self-defense, and grappling. She is a NASM-certified personal trainer, and has been a group fitness instructor since 2015.

When I was younger I was bad at every sport, but I always wanted to be good at something physical. When I went off to college at UW-Whitewater, I was introduced to the Warhawk Karate Club (now Warhawk Martial Arts) and it became my home where I trained for almost 10 years. Although I switched primarily to Jiu Jitsu training in 2016, I still love striking and I credit my crazy Warhawk family for molding me into the martial artist that I am today.

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, my focus is on quality of movement, technique, posture, core strength, balance, and stability. I have had to work through multiple injuries resulting from my martial arts training, so I am constantly finding new ways to train around, with, and for the purpose of improving weaknesses.

Brenton Fitzgerald

Brenton has been practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2002. Before that he was an accomplished wrestler starting at the young age of 9, in 1986. He started under Professor Henry Matamoros and earned the rank of brown belt under Professor Matamoros. After over 5 years at the rank of brown belt, on May 17th 2015, Professor Matamoros instructor Master Pedro Sauer promoted Brenton to Black Belt. Master Sauer received his Black Belt from Grand Master Helio Gracie who is considered to be the founder of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. That means Brenton is 2 degrees of separation from the foundation of the art. He has trained with Professor Jon Freidland (also a Master Sauer Black Belt) at Neutral Ground for the past years and is excited to carry on the tradition of great Jiu Jitsu under the banner of Fluid Jiu Jitsu.

Professor Fitzgerald’s story: I was a very good wrestler. At age 24 and my career behind me, I challenged anyone and everyone to wrestling matches. My sister was dating a man named Mike Contreras. He accepted my offer. I took him down, I held him on his back for 3-4 minutes. This was well more than enough to win a wrestling match, it did not win the fight. I could not make him quit. After a few minutes I got tired and Mike effortlessly lifted me off of him (he was 20lbs lighter than me) and turned me 90 degrees in mid air, set me down very gently and applied an arm bar. I had to tap out and give up so he would not break my arm. I asked how he did that and he said Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

I had been a wrestler for 15 years, Mike had been in Jiu Jitsu for 2 years and never wrestled before. I found Professor Henry Matamoros 2 weeks later and have not stopped training since. I never wanted to be beaten that bad ever again. I have been beaten since. That is part of being humbled by this art, but I also want to show the average person how to beat a good wrestler with great technique just like I was beaten.

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